Frequently asked questions

How does the button work?

You will need to have your cell phone unlocked, internet access, and NFC turned on. Simply bring your device near the button, and it will open our self-care page. Watch the video below for a demonstration

Can the button go in the washing machine?

Yes, the buttons can be washed, centrifuged and exposed to heat!

Does my cell phone have NFC?

The majority of modern smartphones include NFC functionality.

Android-On Android devices, you can check its status in the settings menu.

iPhone-NFC has been integrated into every iPhone model since the iPhone 6

Do I only have access to the page through the button?

The access to our pages and their contents is exclusively through button activation. Our mission is to empower individuals with innovative self-care practices, nurturing a culture of continuous well-being. To achieve this, we've developed exercises designed for seamless integration into your daily routine, fostering autonomous and sustainable self-care habits. We go beyond merely promoting self-care; our goal is to empower and educate individuals to practice self-care whenever they need it.

In what language is the website available?

The self-care website is available in Portuguese and English. The guided meditations and exercises are also in both languages.

How does the button work?

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