We are committed to reducing our environmental footprint. Therefore, we only use the materials we really need.

All of our products are designed and produced in Portugal, based on socially responsible practices.

Curious Cotton is a slow fashion brand for mindful consumers.

Our clothes are made to last, take care of them with care. You can find the care guide on each product.


The fabrics used are mostly textile surplus or undyed organic cotton. This way we use what already exists and transform it into something unique.

Not dyeing the fabric saves a lot of water and chemicals. This way, we are able to reduce the impact on the amount of water and reduce energy consumption by up to 90% - just by not dyeing the fabric.


Our packaging is as small as possible, recycled and recyclable.

We use paper tape with natural rubber. We do not use any plastic in the process.

Thank you for supporting local, ethical production.